Smoked Applewood Bacon – a story

Smoked-Berkshire-Bacon-Applewood-smoked-Traditional-Style-H © 2014 TIM. All rights reserved.

Bacon! Applewood Smoked Heritage Pork Right now the dining room table is covered with over 50 new products to taste. But don’t get too excited! Unfortunately, out of those 50 maybe three will make it to the shelves. We taste … Continue reading

Sorrento Lemon Olive Oil

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A Very Special Oil Sorrento Lemon and Olives bond together! Sometimes, we have to wait for great things to come together. In this case, crushed together. Olives and citrus are a wonderful combination; a fractal relationship if you will. The … Continue reading

All About Ceci Flour

Call it Ceci, Garbanzo, or Chickpea, they are the same basic bean. © 2012 TIM. All rights reserved.

All About Ceci Flour- by Lesa Sullivan No good Italian cook is without his or her own favorite recipe for preparing beans.  Though ancient Romans considered the pulse to be peasant food, its presence in Italian cookery is considerable. Beans are … Continue reading

The Beehive

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We’ve come a long way with the production of honey.  In the last century we have learned a lot more about the science of bees and honey, and all that scientific ‘know how’ has led to the understanding that all … Continue reading

Tales From the Hives

Big Island Bees in the Macadamia nut orchards © 2012 TIM. All rights reserved.

Big Island Bees – Tales from the Hives As we take a walk amongst the mac nut trees in search of the perfect bee picture on the Big Island, we also learn about the life and times of bees and … Continue reading

All About Garlic

The Hands of the garlic man © 2012 TIM. All rights reserved.

About the Garlic A large percentage of the garlic that is sold in US supermarkets is soft-neck garlic, often grown in China. With a high paper-to-meat ratio, the amount of actual garlic you get is often limited, and the flavor … Continue reading

Yuzu Kosho

yuzu-kosho-green © 2012 TIMM. All rights reserved.

This green little hot stuff based around a small tart citrus. Spicy hot with a clean finish. Not so much you will cringe, it has a heat that is more enlightening than burn. Green Yuzu Kosho


Bright night © 2012 TIM. All rights reserved.

We went looking for a place to eat. This was not quite what we were looking for …. well, maybe I was visually, just not the right eatery.